Part of TAB Systems Group

TAB Systems Inc. is a developer and producer of advanced technological solutions in the field of intelligent parking systems, custom automation solutions, intelligent LED lighting solutions and advanced wood scanning solutions under the brand name smarti®. We have more than 25 years of experience and have been committed to deliver only the best ever since. We are engineering a wide range of technological innovations making projects smart, functional and efficient. Our main goal is simple, we always make it work the right way. Our presence has been noticeable for over 25 years with our products always based on the latest cutting-edge technology. With our establishment in early 1990s we have entered a highly competitive market and have traveled a long way to this day. The road was long, with all its up’s and down’s, but for all the efforts we were rewarded.

Wood Scanning Applications

smarti wood scanning as part of TAB SYSTEMS GROUP is a producer and developer of advanced quality control like finger joint quality detection, crack, knot, grain deviation, lack of material, color, measurement etc. control, x-ray scanning, log volume measurement, log cutting optimization and other custom industrial application scanning options. We are delivering complete in-house engineered systems combining hardware and software.

Presence Around the Globe

smarti® has presence in over 30 countries around the globe, with the clear goal of delivering the solutions resembling quality and innovation.

smarti Presence Around the Globe

Our Mission

Our main priority is to develop and manufacture advanced wood scanning systems to satisfy the need of the growing wood industry. Because we are aware of the currently available technology supporting the industry, we have set ourselves on a path to create the best possible solutions available on the market today. Our products are competitive in the matter of pricing and engineering. We are innovating the most cutting edge systems combining software and hardware. Sophisticated technology is engineered in-house with a clear dedication to every single detail, making our solutions #1.