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Log sorting and Cutting Optimization

SMARTI WS 3000 is a cutting edge 3D log scanning system with x-ray scanning option. Machine is applicable for optimized log cutting and sorting purposes. Logs are scanned with 3D machine vision technology and accurate 3D models are computed. Volume, circumference and accurate measurements present an important data for further industrial processing. X-ray scanning is an optional feature to detect inside abnormalities of logs, while also grading strength. In-house developed AI technology provides for accurate defect/feature detection and classification. Sorting parameters or desired cutting rules are set in accordance with standards or individually customized parameters. Cutting optimization assures for maximized yield output from every single log scanned.

Sawmill Optimization

Increase of Yield and Performance

Scanner installation ensures faster and more reliable sawmill manufacturing. Yield gains from controlling log sorting lines or optimizing log cutting patterns are substantially increased. Quality of scanning and defect/feature detection allows for higher product quality and consequentially lower processing costs. Scanning system offers value for its initial investment due to quality and performance upgrades. Machine is capable of controlling industrial sawmill lines to achieve completely automatized and optimized manufacturing. Control of machinery is autonomous and therefore eliminating the need for personal involvement. Customer support for all our products and solutions is guaranteed to enable uninterrupted production process.

Scanner Options

3D Measurement

  • 3D log model
  • Length
  • Volume
  • Curvature
  • Taper

Log Diameter

  • 8 cm – 120+ cm

X-Ray (optional)

  • Bark pockets
  • Resin pockets
  • Pith pockets
  • Internal holes
  • Inside abnormalities: rocks, nails, shrapnels etc.
  • Custom defect options

High Performance

Yield Maximization

Cutting Optimization


3D Scanning, AI and Machine Learning

SMARTI WS 3000 is a high performance 3D scanning system. It is based on 3D vision technology to generate accurate 3D models of individual logs. Information such as volume, circumference and shape features are processed from the point cloud data. In-house developed optimization software is then applicable for obtaining optimized cutting patterns and sorting outputs. AI technology is incorporated to provide defect/feature detection and classification for x-ray data. Machine learning is based on controlled defect/feature inputs in a process called annotating or teaching the machine. Defects/features are marked or annotated on scanned x-ray images of logs. A large enough dataset represents a basis for machine learning and accurate detection AI models creation.

Empowering Industry 4.0

Controlling Sawmill Lines

Automatizing Cutting and Sorting

Decentralized Multiple Scanner Control

Empowering Industry 4.0

Controlling Sawmill Lines

Automatizing Cutting and Sorting

Decentralized Multiple Scanner Control

Software Interface

UI With Extensive Features

User friendly interface via touch screen terminal for scanner control.

3D scans of logs are displayed in real time that can be rotated and inspected with all the relevant data included.

Work set rules for cutting and sorting are pre-set to support standards or set by user.

Users can view individual 3D logs scanned in a historical database and create various reports.

Extensive statistics and simulations for seeing would-be outputs on already scanned logs.

Client management and pricing strategies for individual clients can be customized.

Different user rights in order to control and protect manufacturing process.