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Longitudinal Cutting and Sorting Optimization

SMARTI WS 200 is an advanced wood scanning system for wane and defect detection in wood processing industry. Scanner can be used for accurate wane detection after log cutting. Besides wane detection, the machine also detects various defects visible in 3D spectre. Longitudinal cutting optimization and sorting is carried out automatically according to rules set by operators or relevant standards. Scanner supports conveyor belt speed up to 500 m/min and can function with any desired wood species. In-house developed AI technology enables highly accurate wane as well as other 3D defect detection and classification. Detection is carried out in real time from all four sides of the board. Machine supports high speed manufacturing operations and adding value with impeccable AI detection.

Production Optimization

Increasing Yield After Sawing

Utilizing SMARTI WS 200 ensures for fast manufacturing processes with maximum yield outputs. Wane and defect/feature detection and classification on sawn boards increases manufacturing and end product quality. Error and wane elimination in further cutting as well as sorting applications, allows for completely autonomous and automatized wood processing lines. Machine delivers value for its initial investment by offering increased production capabilities and quality gains. Advanced in-house developed AI technology for accurate defect/feature detection and classification allows for continuous workflows capable of controlling any manufacturing line efficiently. Customer support for all our products and solutions is guaranteed to enable uninterrupted production process.

Detection Options

3D Visible Defects

  • Wane
  • Cracks and splits
  • Lack of material
  • Custom defect options

3D Measurement

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Volume

Longitudinal Cutting Optimization

Conveyor Belt Speed: 500+ m/min

High Performance

Rip Saw Optimization


AI and Machine Learning

SMARTI WS 200 utilizes in-house developed AI technology to enable accurate wane and 3D defect/feature detection on sawn boards. Machine learning is supported with controlled data inputs in a process called annotating or teaching the machine. For each wood species AI model is generated with respect to the defect/feature inputs. With such principle all softwood and hardwood species can be supported for wane and defect/feature detection. Annotating process can be done in house or at the customer’s location by our experts. The process is based on annotating or imputing individual defects/features by marking them on scanned boards. Large enough dataset is a basis for machine learning to produce accurate and efficient AI models for detection.

Empowering Industry 4.0

Controlling Manufacturing Lines

Automatizing Production

Decentralized Multiple Scanner Control

Software Interface

UI With Extensive Features

User friendly interface via touch screen terminal for scanner control.

Boards are displayed in real time with all wane and defects/features detected along with other relevant information.

Work set rules for cutting and sorting for wane and defect/feature detection are pre-set to support standards or set by user.

Users can view individual boards scanned in a historical database and create various reports.

Extensive statistics and simulations for seeing would-be outputs on already scanned boards.

Different user rights in order to control and protect manufacturing process.